Surfing is a sport that requires an athlete with a strong sense of ability, agility and having proper control over his emotions and nerves if he faces a life-threatening situation. Surfing requires the surfer to hold his nerves while making maneuvers on the board and taking control of the situations at all the times.

The surfing is a difficult sport, and it may seem pretty easy that a person is just moving with the flow of waves and sea waves are carrying him all the way. However, the situation is entirely different. The situation seems simple standing far away from the ocean that the surfer is just riding the board and is doing nothing.

However, if seen and observed closely he constantly balances himself on the board and makes sure that his center point is on the board center as well. The more intense the waves get, the more difficult the situation becomes. Sea waves are not that easy to deal with rather they can take away one’s life with just one pull If you are a professional surfer and know how to deal with the ferocious waves, then we have collected following places that you can visit to test your skills.

However, if you are a beginner who needs proper training, then you should first seek the help from a trainer, get acquainted with how to deal with different situations and how you can handle the life-threatening situation.

Here are a few good places that you can visit for surfing.



Lombok, Indonesia is one of those tropical areas which are highly visited by the professional surfers to test their skills. From the sandy beaches to the heaviest reefs, this place offers surfers all levels of difficulty and multiple levels of sea waves to put their abilities to the test.

The water is warm and scenic surf spots dotting the bays provide a calm and appealing scenery. The weather is usually warm with winter offering low winds and the dry summer. There are camps where you can stay and find the best time to surf.



Its Byron Bay is one of the most renowned places that is visited by the surfers. The most renowned surf destination offers the stunning beaches with miles of pure sand and dense rainforest which accommodates a wide range of wild species. This bay has been a haven for surfers owing to its natural beauty.

It offers all types of surfing conditions which include beach breaks and long right-hand point breaks.  You can visit Australia at any time of year because it offers almost all types of waves during the entire year. Its cozy corner is considered the most consistent waves in the country.


United States

Oahu, Hawaii also offers surfing conditions for the surfers. The surfing conditions are extreme at this place.


South Africa

South Africa’s Jefferys Bay is home to one of the best surfing places in the world. You should plan a surf trip to Jeffrey’s Bay during the winter months of May to September.