Morocco is characterised by its wide diversity of landscapes. In this excursion we invite to you to visit a small Morocco desert belonged to Massa region and located 55 kilometers south from Agadir and by 4×4 vehicles. That isolated place is providing silence, gold dunes and unique sunsets while enjoying their inhabitants happiness and traditions.

Along the route from Blue Waves Surf House to the south you will discover isolated wild beaches and dunes ended on the coast line where their Fishermen’s have constructed Little villages in the middle of a awesome natural park, famous for its wild avian life.

During this Morocco tour you will enjoy time to take pictures of the sand dunes, isolated Fisher villages, banana plantations in the desert oasis and to take lunch in that scenic place that we are confident you will love. To finalize the Morocco trip, we will continue to Tiznit to visit the awesome Walls of the city famous for the silver jewelry craftsman.

Departure from Blue Waves Surf House at 8:00 am.

60 € / pax (mínimum 2 people)

Include transport, guide and lunch (in a traditional house).