Taghazout area is one of the best places on earth to learn surfing, because it hosts many spots that are sheltered from big swells, thus delivering all year-round small and easy waves to progress in total safety without dangerous rips. As a beginner or intermediate level surfer, you will be guided every day to the best and safest spot for your ability. Also If you have advance level and you are looking for some good surf guiding to discover all the “jewels” we have around, Blue Waves Surf School is your place.

Riding a wave is one of the best feelings in the world! And there’s no better place to learn it than at our surf school in Morocco with daily surf lessons, experienced qualified instructors and fun people to share the experience with! Our accredited surf instructors will guide you through each step of the learning process to optimise your learning curve. Our surf teaching programme will focus on teaching you the art of surfing a wave safely and in a fun way, taking your level and your experience with the ocean into account. We will do our best to give you one obsession after your surf trip: Surf, surf and more surf In fact surf will change your life


You will learn some or all of the following during your beginner surf lessons:

  • Beach safety and surf equipment
  • Positioning yourself correctly both on the surfboard and in the ocean
  • How to paddle, pop up and ride your first wave in the broken white water waves
  • How to get ‘out back’ to the green unbroken waves and ride them to the beach!
  • How to play with speed and turn in both directions
  • You will learn about rips, tides and surfers etiquette

Food not included. Transportation to other beaches not included.


If you can already stand reliably on the board and are catching whitewash but you’re having troubles with catching green waves, our Intermediate surf lessons is just made for you. Our experienced instructors will help you to read waves better, improve your timing, learn about speed and positioning yourself on the wave.

What you will learn:

  • How to paddle out through waves – acquire advanced turtle rolling and duck diving skills
  • How to position yourself correctly in the line up
  • How to catch unbroken waves
  • Improve your timing
  • Taking the drop
  • Learn to turn (backside and frontside) and slow down on your board
  • How to read the ocean to get the best waves, rips and current

Food not included. Transportation to other beaches not included.


You already know how to surf and have your own equipment? But need a local guide who finds the best waves for you in Taghazout area in order to have hassle free surfing? The Advanced Surf Guiding is perfect for you as it includes transport to/from beaches with the best conditions. Blue Waves Team guides will find good waves for your level and surf with you. Our fun and friendly staff are here to accommodate all your needs and are equipped with the best local knowledge as well as a passion for surfing.

Food not included.

Food not included.


We have a wide range of surfboards (longboards, funboards, shortboards, softboards …) and bodyboards for rental, also wetsuits if needed. You will find in our Surf Shop all you need to enjoy your surf session.