For all those who want to enjoy an amazing holidays in Morocco we propose to participate in this trip to the valley full of palm trees, Argan forests and natural pools. This awesome valley is located 25 Kilometers from Blue Waves Surf House.

We will cross the valley by car or minibus until the nerve center thereof where our moroccan excursion will continue walking along a valley full of argan and palm trees which will lead us through the rocky valley until some natural pools where the most adventurous can make water jumps.

Discover Morocco in its most untouched nature. Once there, we will enjoy the contrast between the blue and sunny sky with the clean natural water and the pink rocky canyon, which natural beauty is indescribable. Take time to enjoy the landscape while taking a bath. Enjoy the sound of the wildlife and the wind waving the argan trees while relaxing drinking a cup of mint tea or orange juice.

A unique moroccan experience.

30 € / pax (minimum 4 persons)

Including transport and guide.