If you are reading this, and we hope you do, it’s because surfing is more than a sport for you. Sustainability in one of the most important issues and biggest challenges for the 21st century and we truly believe that surf and traveling can help to develop sustainable communities around the world. This is why all of us who share this passion for surf, should make an effort to achieve similar goals in terms of environmental, economic and social matters.

Coge 3 Bluewaves

We are Coge3 ambassadors of Morocco and our decalogue is:

  • Don´t carry any plastic item susceptible to going to fly away. (bags, films, etc.).
  • Don´t smoke at the beach and if you make it carry an ashtray (where they exits portable) and drop the cigarette on the garbage
  • Dunes performs many enviromental functions: dissipate the sea energies, it is home to several  species of flora and wildlife, etc. Don´t step it or use it to protect yourselve from the winds while having sun bath. Unintentionally you will be disturbing several species.
  • A clean beach is not that is used to be cleaned by mechanical resources, that is an unlife beach. Collaborates with the cleaning of the beaches, Be always Coge3. If you enjoy the beaches, bring it back all its offering to you. Remove all the trash on the ground if you see. You will feel better and also the beach.
  • So Often, while searching wild beaches or coves looking for zen moments or best pictures for social media without mattering about protected areas, we are creating a conflicto. Be respetuous with the enviroment!
  • When doing beach activities, its should be under technical superviors guiance, with standards integrated among the participants. Read the standards y respect it. Our Sports are enviromentally friendly but not their surroundings. Collaborate!
  • Respect Access to the beaches, have walks a bit more longer to reach your favourite destination. Your beach will thank you and your healthy as well.
  • Complaint any negligent conduct: vehicle trhough the beach, dogs running around – Atention, or dogs always accompanied us to the beach, but dogs running at large in protected coastal areas where poultry are raised or lay eggs constitutes a ticking time-bomb.
  • Join any environmental awareness movement or activity. Without a doubt, you will find people breaking new ground and so to uncover, for instance, where waste in the sea is coming from.
  • This brings me to the final point: If we are aware of where waste in the sea is coming from we will be able to avoid needless consumption of, for instance, packaged water, etc.