girl preparing to surfing in village

For kids, all that is required to go surfing is a board and someone to ride it over waves. Come on now! You don’t expect “kids” to think about every possible outcome. Their kids, they only think about having fun. But pro surfers have a list of must-have items whenever they go surfing. They can no longer leave without them.

For a “pro” would not like their surf time to be ruined because they didn’t keep a little thing in mind. If you join a Surf School.


Sun Protection

What you thought first would be aboard. Why would you even think that? Even amateurs and starters need a board. Why would you think of surfing without it?

What you need the most is proper sun protection. Being in the salty water, right under the sun for hours can have extremely negative impacts on your body. You really don’t want to end up with dry skin, sunburns, shriveling or in the worst case scenario, skin cancer. Remember to carry a good sunscreen with every time you go surfing. You will learn about it in your surf lessons.

Your best choice would be going for cream with high SPF and water resistance; sprays are dangerous to inhale.


Fin Keys

Now that boards are available on which fin setting can be altered manually, professional surfers always carry more than one sets of fins. To change them you require an Allen key, which you will find a lot of people have. Surfers try to set their fins accordingly with the weather and wave conditions to get the best experience. It is a small tool so can be easily lost, but you will find once you go to a surf camp that can be easily borrowed.


Spare Board

Another thing would be to have a spare board, in case the main one becomes faulty or faces an accident. Just think of it, and you can feel your mood being destroyed. All the time it took to get ready and come to the beach. And now you can’t go surfing because now there is no proper board. This can worse if you are away from home, on surf holidays. A backup plan always gives the feel of extra assurance.


Traction Pad

Traction pads are a must. They are one of the rituals when you buy a new board. Traction pads are non-slippery coverings on the board where you place your feet. Now they even come custom made.


Surf Wax

Most pro surfers say that they feel that the board is all slippery (with the pad) if they don’t apply a surf wax. It is applied all over the front of the board. Most people like to have put on a baseline first and then apply their favored wax. Surf wax is available for all weathers, softer wax for the cold and harder ones working best in warm waters.


The right clothing

It is equally important to have the right surfing attire. If the conditions are good, you can go for it in a broad short. But you need to have a proper wetsuit, rash guard, gloves, etc., if you will be going is cold waters. Wearing them, you can stay there for more prolonged times.