From Blue Waves we have come to the conclusion that the main benefit of surfing is that concentrating all your energy and attention on the waves helps to forget about the rest. The therapeutic use of surfing is not new, and now from your Surf Camp in Morocco we tell you what you need to know about this therapy!

It is clear that sport has many benefits for health, and surfing provides us with a series of capabilities and opportunities that can significantly improve it. Don’t wait any longer to come to our surf house and share the experience with other surfers, we promise that learn to surf will be like a natural therapy to put aside your problems for a few moments!

These are some benefits of surfing we use as medicine:


Surf Therapy | Marine air

It’s rich and pure in negative ions and mineral salts. If you breathe it, your body will breathe better. We get it when the waves break.

Surf Therapy | The sun

It’s good in small doses because it synthesizes vitamin D, don’t wait to grab your surfboard and throw yourself in the sun! Of course, never forget sun protection.


Surf Therapy | Water

Bathing in the sea causes sensations that secrete responsible wellness hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline and endorphins. According to several studies, about 30 minutes of surfing are enough to improve your mood.


Surf Therapy | Socialization

Surfing opens the doors to new friendships, to meet people of all ages and places, to the curiosity to know new landscapes with new waves, etc. It is a new vital impulse that makes you feel renewed. Join our Surf Camp in Morocco and don’t miss our lessons about how to surf with other cool people!


Our professionals recommend surfing for people of all ages and conditions, but if you are one of those who do not dare to jump into the water so fast, you can always start doing other exercises or come to our yoga classes!