Yoga is a discipline that can decisively help us to improve how to surf, this is not something that we only say in our surf school in Morocco, Blue Waves. Brilliant surfers who have excelled in the professional circle, recommend yoga to enhance your skills. We tell you more about the secret shared by surf pioneer Rochelle Ballard, 11-time world champion Kelly Slater, and Pipeline’s king Gerry Lopez!

Yoga has been considered an alternative to more traditional forms of exercise for a long time. As more professional surfers adopt the practice it’s becoming more relative to our lives. To help us reach some conclusions, professional surfer and yoga enthusiast Rochelle Ballard filmed for the surfer community a movie about her yoga experience called “surf into yoga”. If you haven’t seen it, dont wait anymore and come to debate about it in our surf camp.

Rochelle’s first introduction to yoga occurred at 19 years old, same as Kerry Slater. She has found it to be one of the best ways to find balance in her life. Yoga increases the flexibility and strength of your body, working postures that increase your balance, it increases the ability to concentrate, it helps you strengthen your mind and give you more agility when standing on the surfboard.

It is easy learn to surf if we consider that yoga also helps you relate to your thoughts. We are often thinking about the future or worrying about the past and forgetting to live “the moment”. Yoga facilitates the relaxation you need to enjoy now. At the same time surfing helps you to return your mind to the present doing what makes you happy and concentrating only on that, fusing your body and the sea.

But the benefits at the mental level not only affect concentration. Yoga also helps us to keep calm in the toughest situations. The wave that is coming on us, or a bad romp in which it seems that we spent half life under water. If the mind calms down, the body will be able to act better. Thus, you could row with more force, less tension or even avoid consuming all the oxygen from under water to be able to go afloat.

Yoga is, therefore, the best practice to improve our technique, our physical and mental abilities and help to avoid injuries. If you haven’t try it yet, keep calm because in our surf house you can now also sign up for yoga classes.

In addition, in our Surf Camp we believe that yoga is so important in surfing, that we have included in all our yoga class packs!

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