delicious food in in blue waves

Do you know why it is important for surfers to take care of their diet? Simple. Better performance. You can’t expect to surf to your absolute potential on a diet based purely on jelly doughnuts (though NO ONE should have a diet based purely on jelly doughnuts). Your body needs to properly refuel and replenish itself after a long day’s activity, not to mention improve it to help you perform better the next time around. So, what are the best kind of foods a surfer could eat?


Water. Lots of water.

You’ll be doing a lot of exercises. You need to stay hydrated. The importance of water can’t be overstated, and no one needs to be told how vital it is to our body. However, sometimes surfers, especially beginners learning from surf camps, surf schools or taking private surf lessons, neglect their intake of water because it just doesn’t come to mind, which is honestly really damaging to your body.

Now obviously I’m not asking you to chug down a gallon of water every time you surf; that would be overkill (and fairly impossible). Just be sure to drink water every time you feel the slightest bit of thirst. You can’t afford to take any chances.


Refueling after a day’s surf

If you’ve surfed even one day, you know it’s a tiring sport. Paddling all the way to catch waves, constantly standing up and lying down on your board, and compressing and decompressing your body while riding the wave to accelerate, you’re bound to burn through your energy reserves at some point, and that would be the end of your surf holiday.

That’s where carbohydrates come in, specifically those with a low Glycemic index, or those that take longer to digest and hence give delayed but constant supplies of energy to the body, preparing you for your next surf. Sources? Whole grain bread, High-fiber cereal, Oatmeal, ground flaxseed, and Nuts.


Building your muscles

The next thing you need to focus on is replenishing, restoring your muscles, and there’s only one type of food that can fulfill this need. Protein. However, you can’t just take any protein. What you’re looking for is the lean kind of meat, as opposed to the fattier (and more tempting) kind, to get as much raw protein in your diet is possible.

Fish, chicken, and yogurt would do wonders for you here. And if you feel like they won’t cut your daily requirement, no sweat. You can always take protein supplements to boost your protein intake and help your body stay in shape.


Quick snacksdelicious food in in blue waves

Still, carbohydrates and proteins aren’t going to mush well in helping you recover right after a surfing session. You need energy and fast. Now your first instinct might be to go towards sugary foods, but that’s not a road you want to take.

True, they will bridge your energy deficit, but they aren’t the healthiest of solutions and will cause you problems in the future. It’s better to opt for healthier alternatives like fruits and sweet potatoes, that would fulfill your requirements without putting your health at risk.