The heat has arrived with all its splendor at Blue Waves, our surf camp in Morocco, and we’re already thinking about summer & surf! Do you still have no plan for your vacation? Then keep reading because we propose you the surfer adventure that you have always wanted to live.

Summer is coming, and with it our desire to enjoy the beach and good holidays. If you are also interested in the world of surfing, Blue Waves is perfect for you! Our surf houses are located on the coast close to the cities of Agadir and Taghazout, which is perfect for surfing at any time of the year. We are in a very accessible place with warm water throughout the year, waves for all levels and a unique cultural experience.

Live this surf adventure alone, you’ll meet other surfers like you, or accompanied by your family and your friends. Anyway, you can’t miss the surf season that is coming, we are ready! And you? Come and see how the summer in Morocco is lived!

Of course, do not forget that as surfers philosophy says we are committed to follow a decalogue of tips to avoid damaging the surf environment. In our surf school, the environment is the most important when we are thinking about learn to surf, and therefore we must take care of it and keep it safe. If you are interested, you can in learn more about how to surf being a surfer eco.


We also have lots of activities prepared for you, from visiting the city of Marrakesh , or cross the desert in 4×4, to yoga and massage sessions in our surf houses without having to travel. You just have to choose which one you like the most and what you want to do!

Take a look at the surf packs on our web and dare with your people to live an unforgettable surf summer! Anyways, for any questions or more information, contact us and we will help you plan your trip according to your needs!

And do not forget that we have a 20% discount if you check in before August 31!