The first thing you notice when you reach our Surf Camp in Morocco to learn to surf is how important the environment in surfing is. The surfing community is sensitive to the care of nature and especially the marine environment, since they spend a lot of their life in it. That’s why we must have a close relationship with the care of the environment, and respect for the beaches will be a central pillar of our philosophy.

Here we explain how you can contribute to keep it safe for all living beings:

About neoprene

250 tons of neoprene are thrown out each year. This material contains PVC, one of the most harmful plastics for the environment. As an alternative we can look for companies that do not use this material. We also explain what other 3 tips you should follow to choose your wetsuit.


Having an eco surfboard

400,000 surfboards are made every year with materials which are harmful to the environment (synthetic resins and toxic foams). As an alternative to traditional envirosurfer boards suggest using epoxy tables or natural elements such as bamboo.


No more Paraffin

6 million wax bars are used every year. The polishing wax that we put on our surfboards contains oil that certain marine organisms damage. As an alternative, there are waxes produced from non-polluting natural materials, as Wastrak.


Check well your sunscreen

Sunscreen is seriously harmful to corals, and also contains compounds toxic to human hormones. As an alternative, look for a sunscreen that guarantees you that it doesn’t use any compound harmful to you or the environment.


What do you think of these measures? Do you think they are not necessary or do you think we should worry more?

In any case, learn more in our surf school and we’ll give you the best tips to avoid damaging our environment!