As we have explained before, yoga is essential to complete your surfing training. That’s why from Blue Waves, your surf school in Morocco, we’ve prepared a couple of exercises so you can start practicing.

Yoga is a practice that you can enjoy with friends in our surf camp, or in solitude in our surf house preparing yourself to shine among the waves. Leave for a while your surfboard and take a mat, because learn to surf is more than a sport in the water.

These postures should be practiced under the supervision of a qualified professional such as those at our surf school, as improperly progressive repetition can cause injuries.


Yoga exercise: The dog upside down

It is one of the most useful postures to warm up and stretch the body at the beginning of the practice. First you must get on your knees, with your hands on the ground and more open than the shoulder line. The knees should be in line below the hips. Drop your head down and feel these four pillars firmly on the ground. Inhale, exhale and raise the knees of the floor, supporting all your weight in the hands and the front of the feet. Exhaling stretches the legs well. Stretch the arms from the wrists to the shoulders. Keep your head in line with your spine and push your shoulders back so that your upper back and arms create a straight line. Hold the posture for 3 minutes. Exhale and bend your knees to the floor.

To finish each exercise well and relax you must stay in the baby’s posture (Balasana).


Yoga exercise: Cane posture with four props

It’s a position to strengthen in which the weight of the body rests on the hands and feet. Lying on the floor face down, we support the forehead on the floor. We separate the legs to the width of the hips. We bend the elbows and place our hands on the ground on both sides of the body, just below the shoulders. We press the ground with the palms of our hands and the tips of our feet. Firmly contract the abdomen and take off the legs, hips, chest and head. With the elbows glued to the ribs, we hold the buttocks, shoulders and heels, as if we wanted to send energy from the feet to the crown. We hold the posture for about 8 breaths.


If you want to improve your surf, join us and we will give you the advice you need!