It is good to take advantage of the environment as much as possible, but we can also dedicate ourselves to enjoy the environment in another way without getting on the waves. In the books we can find more about learn to surf. Therefore, we recommend the top 5 surf books to read in your breaks on the beach, or in our Surf Camp in Morocco!


Surf Photography Of The 1960s And 1970s, by LeRoy Grannis

This book takes you through the surfer scene in the United States in the 60s and 70s with heartbreaking surf photographs. Leroy Grannis, born in California, decided to innovate and make the first surf photos in the water. He himself was a surfer very dedicated to his training. The most iconic images of that moment were taken by him.


Surf better, by Dave Rearwin

Couldn’t be missed in the recommendations a manual to improve your surfing. In this book you will learn exercises to improve your physique and technique, as well as tips and explanations about the ocean and its functioning. In addition it’s fully illustrated.


The Basics of Surfboard Design, by Bob Smith

This book to continue learning about surfing is about the creation of surfboards. It’s written by surfer and shaper Bob Smith, in a simple way shows the basics of the design and construction of a surfboard. If you are thinking of buying a new surfboard, you can surely learn which is the most suitable by helping you before this book.


The History of Surfing, by Matt Warshaw

Maybe you’ll be surprised when you find the 500 pages of this book written by Warshaw, one of the most respected intellectuals in the world of surfing, but don’t be scared. It collects the most memorable facts of the history of the surf, also has a compilation with the best photos of surfing. It has no waste.


Surf! In the Water with Wave Hunters, by Kai Lenny y Guillaume Dufau

This book shows the photographic journey through the history of surfing and its evolution in its different modalities (paddle, bodyboard, windsurf …). It contains interviews and the testimonies of some famous legends of surfing, among which are the two authors of this book.


Most importantly, encourage you to comment on your readings and take the opportunity to meet people with the same passion for surfing. And in our Surf Camp in Morocco you will find space to share all your worries around this big world that is surfing, we are waiting for you!