The shortest answer to this very direct question is simple, “a unique experience, one of the great adventures of your life”.

Maybe it sounds a bit pretentious and we do not want to be at all, but the truth is that our customers / friends who have visited us feel that when they return home.

Only a week in our Surf Camp in Morocco can make you see life in another way. Do you need reasons? Keep reading!Enjoy the waves and feel the tranquility of the sea. Relax with friends or make new friends in our Surf Camp. Meet people from all over the world and share your surf experiences.

Learn to surf or improve your surf with our surf lessons, fun and laughs with the best surf teachers in the area. We are going to take you to the best surf spots so you can make the most of your time. And also according to the surf pack you hire we will give you some yoga classes with our great Yogi. Then, after a morning of activity you can enjoy a delicious tea on our terrace watching the sunset by the sea.

Meet the towns of the area and visit with us the wonderful Moroccan cities, full of charm and tradition. Immerse yourself in its history and buy traditional products in one of the most popular souk in the world.

If you still have strength, we will accompany you on incredible excursions through the desert, so you can surf the dunes, sleep under the stars and drive your own qad on the desert sand. We will take you through incredible green areas, with water lagoons where we will take a film dip. Ride a camel, surf the waves, drive through the desert, jump from a cliff to an oasis of fresh water … everything is possible in Blue Waves.

If at any time you feel tired, do not worry, we also offer massage sessions. We do not want you to leave without feeling that relax after a day of physical activity and a good massage. 😉

When you recover, if you want, we can go to the nearby fishing towns and enjoy the best food with your friends. And talking about food … how about a night BBQ on our terrace. Friends, food, people to meet and many adventures to tell.

In Blue Waves we offers you the best Surf n Turf. And what has been said, we are waiting for you to


live an unique adventure,

the adventure of your life.