Like all other sports that need practice, surfing is no exception. The more one practices, the more expert he gets at the sport. Surfing is a sport which requires the special training to play with sea waves and learn how to catch them without getting panicked.

Surfing requires the board which is made of special wood which is heavier than other woods and floats on the water while allowing the surfer riding it to make maneuvers. The more adept you get at the sport, the higher are the chances of you getting selected for the national and international competitions which have high prize money.

Apart from this, the surfing is not an easy sport as it may seem because of the surf dangers associated with it. The danger of losing one’s life and the possibility of getting drowned by losing control. This is why this sport requires proper training sessions offered by the experts of the field. The initial start-up costs may seem a little higher and may frighten away the new-comer before the training has started even. The wide-open ocean is the basic requirement once the initial gear has been put in place.


What do you need for surfing?

Surfing requires a surfboard, a wetsuit, and a beach. If you live near the beach, then you have sorted out one big problem of getting to the beach because arranging a special transport to the beach is often expensive and time-consuming as well. You need a special trainer who is well-versed with the risks associated with surfing, and he is well aware of the techniques and tips which one requires during the initial days of surfing. Many schools are now offering surfing classes to make people understand and create awareness regarding this amazing sport.


Cost of board

The first and essential part of this sport is surfing board which is made of special wood which is a little heavier than other boards. If you are a beginner, the cost of new surfing board may seem to you quite high so we’ll suggest you to buy some used surfing boards which allow you to find whether you are interested in this sport or not.

Many people give up on the sport shortly after finding themselves interested in something else which costs them nothing but the hefty price they have paid for the surfing board. If you are interested in buying a new board, then better buy from a place where you can bargain. The cost of the new board is somewhere around 300 – 1000€. However, if you go for low end, then you may end up buying a cheap board.


Cost of wet-suit

You need to buy a new suit for this purpose instead of using someone else’s suit. The wet-suit costs somewhere around 100 – 250€. However, there are other accessories that you may find attractive, but they are of no use unless you are a professional.

Surfing can be cheap and expensive both at the same time. That all depends on how you take it and for a beginner, it is an inexpensive sport if expenses are taken care of.


Remember that if you do not have the equipment, we leave it to you to enjoy surfing with us!