The surfboard is the basic element to practice the surf, so if you don’t want it to be a problem for you, you have to know it well before getting on the wave! A surfboard seems very simple, but it has many essential details that will determine your way of surfing. In our Surf Camp in Morocco, we explain everything you need to know to avoid these dangers.

Before starting surfing, we need to know some basics about how to use your surfboard. Our own surfboard is the first thing that will endanger us. The surfboard is really hard and floats a lot, so we can’t forget that we have it tied to the foot. This means that we can’t be much separated from it, and that a rebound effect it’s possible. We have to be very careful not to make sudden movements. For example, if we are entering the water, do not place it between the wave and us because it can break our teeth. You also have to be very careful when releasing it because it can hit other people.


Not only other people can be hit by us with our surfboard, other people can also hit us with theirs. We must be careful when entering a wave in which someone has already entered, as it can be fatal for both. This is the most common danger since the blows with the surfboard, edges and keels are inevitable. To avoid this, we recommend you to be respectful with the turns in the water and with the rest of the surfers. We can also use protectors in the tip of the table and keels so that they don’t have the edge too sharp and cutting.


As we have seen, not to know our surfboard can seriously endanger our physical integrity. Our biggest concern should be the fins and cuts that can cause, to avoid them we must have controlled the position of our surfboard and use the leash.


surf lessons in blue waves

Anyways, surfing has dangers and disadvantages but there are also many advantages, it is worth learning how to surf and live this experience!

Don’t be discouraged, although surfing is a risky sport there are ways to avoid the dangers, such as joining to our surf school where we’ll teach you how to recognize a good environment, the waves and the right conditions to practice the sport wherever you go.