On more than one occasion we left the water after a surf session and felt an immense hunger. Our stomach is ready for anything, but do we really give our body what it needs?

If you surf regularly and you are concerned about keeping fit and improving your physical condition, here are some tips:



The first is undoubtedly hydration. In surfing, as in any physical sport, our water reserves are used up and it is very important to replace them. Do not drink soft drinks, it is preferable to drink water and if you want to give it a natural and special touch add lime or squeezed orange. Drink as much as your body asks. 🙂



The basis of a good diet for surfing athletes is based on healthy food based on vegetables and fruits. The ideal is to find the most healthy local products and, if possible, organic products. They are a bit more expensive but you will notice a more intense flavor and more vitality in a short time.



Think of cooking with whole-grain ingredients and add cereals and nuts to your surf diet. You can prepare delicious salads with quinoa or have a breakfast with your favorite cereals, add soy and wholemeal bread. Think about it before surfing and prepare a rich and light breakfast.



Avoid fried foods and alcohol. If you can, use olive oil instead of sauces to dress your dishes. Some foods can help you with the support of fats that your body needs. This is the case of eggs, salmon or chicken, for example. Learn how you should cook them to get the most energy and health benefits.



Organize your surf diet based on your physical activity. Prepare your meal with carbohydrates, which then your body will use during exercise. Complex carbohydrates take longer to be absorbed by the body and are ideal for long surf sessions. The pasta and whole grain rice, along with fresh fruit, would be a good option. To help you replenish your energy after a day of surfing you can eat a banana and accompany it with a yogurt for example.


If you enjoy surfing and this is your passion, make the most of it with a good surf diet. We recommend that you consume products that are as natural as possible and do not abuse other supplementary products. In the end, natural products are the healthiest!