Surely when you were younger, someone close to you once told you, “Wait a little before going to swim or you can get a digestión cut”. Is it truth? Is it just a myth or is it a real danger? Well, if you are thinking learning to surf or joining our Surf Camp, we’ll solve your doubts!

It’s important to know more about how changes affect your body before learning how to surf. The danger of a digestion cut is real when you go surfing after eating but with nuances. What you shouldn’t do is to enter the water suddenly when it’s very cold. When we are doing our process of digestion, the blood flow is concentrated in the task, and the temperature can deflect it. As a result of this change in our body temperature, you may suffer dizziness, headache or even loss of consciousness.

It’s advisable to get into the water little by little to avoid a cut of digestion. Whether you’ve eaten or not, it’s always important to enter the water slowly, wetting each of our body parts to cool them until you get used to it.

If you are thinking of joining to one of our Surf Camp, you should also pay attention to what you eat. The more you eat, the more difficult your digestion will be, as you need more blood to digest everything. If you make a light meal it will be much better to ride your surfboard well!

Anyways, do not risk surfing without knowledge enough or without the help of a professional because it can be very dangerous. Contact us if you are thinking about a surfing adventure and learn to surf with us in our surf school, and best of all, you can be part of this great community of people with your same passion!

We wait for you in Blue Waves!