The waves are part of the movement of the ocean when it touches the land of the coasts of the world. At Blue Waves we teach, before you take your surfboard, that they depend on its size, direction and force of many variables: like the wind, some phenomena such as hurricanes, storms or even tidal waves, as well as the seabed and its living beings. If you want to learn to surf, look at the compilation we have prepared from our surf school in Morocco of some of the biggest waves in the world!


As the waves approach land (where some surfers like you can meet in our surf camp in Morocco can take advantage of them), the energy that drives them forward generates huge crests of foam when gravity acts. The above does not apply in the case of tsunamis, because the energy that drives them is too strong so that it comes from movements below the seabed.

These are some of the most monstrous waves ever recorded:


The silver dragon: 9 meters

Call appropriately “the silver dragon”, this wave comes from the tide of Hangzhou on the Qiantang River, which runs in the opposite direction to the river.


Banzai Pipeline: 9,144 meters

Located on Oahu, Hawaii, it is one of the most dangerous waves to surf. If you fall off the ridge you go directly into the coral reef.


Nazaré, Portugal: 24 meters

A must for the most fans of the big waves, Nazare produces unparalleled waves that can be observed from a viewpoint. In 2011, surfer Garrett McNamara set the world record for surfing a 24-meter wave.


Norwegian Sea: 26 meters

The “vagabond waves” or monster waves are waves that appear spontaneously, until 1995 it was believed that even they were a myth.That year the Norwegian coast guard documented a wave of 26 meters.The explanation of this phenomenon may be that two or more waves They found themselves in the sea and aligned their crests to form a larger one, since at least 20 waves were registered around the largest.


Do not wait any longer to come to our surf houses in Morocco and enjoy meeting surfers who have visited other big waves! We will wait for you!