The importance of the warmp – up

All of us have seen surfers walking down to the edge of the water, lay their surfboard in the sand, and start to warm up and stretch.
They start with jumping jacks, push-ups and thrusts in every direction.

The warm – up helps to prepare the body for the activity, and to get ready the muscles for the exercise raising heart reate.

A good warm – up session should be around 10 minutes, that is enough for your body to be efficient.

Some tips to help you could be:
1 – Jogging
2 – Ankle and knee circles
3 – Neck stretch
4 – Dynamic circles with the arms
5 – Squats
6 – Glute stretch
7 – Reverse lunges with rotation
8 – Standing torso rotation
9 – Standing toe touch
10 – Standing Quadriceps

Warm – up can also be used to practice your technique on the sand before you head into the waves.

After your surf session doesn’t forget a good stretching!