One of our most important values is 0 KM food. This concept is about the food produced, sold and eaten locally. The food which traveled zero kilometers.
It refers to non-industrial fruits, vegetables, meat, honey, etc.
It also has an important ecological aspect which cannot be overseen – since there is no transport involved (we buy from the local shop on the corner), the environment does not suffer from direct and indirect pollution.

**For the last years we are looking for the most sustainable way to give a quality service respectful to our values. Progress is improving each day giving to our guest the best service as possible and food plays an important role. As better food we provide, better surf performance we see and better muscle recovery.**

Our menus are based in:
– Whole grain products.
– Vegetal proteins based in chickpeas, lentils, beans, and nuts.
– Fresh local fruits and vegetables.
– Olive oil based.
– Fresh local fish & chicken.