The World Surf League or WSL happens to be the governing body of professional surfers. It is dedicated to displaying the best talent in the world of surfing. Previously, this league was called the Association of Surfing Professionals or the ASP from the year 1983 to the year 2014. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

The founders of this association were two people called Fred Hemmings and Randy Rarick. As of the end of 2017, the WSL had over six and a half million Facebook fans. In this it leads other established sports like the National Hockey League and the Association of Tennis Professionals and even Major League Soccer. Here is a look at the WSL actual rankings.


Top 5 male surfers

As of the year 2018, the top WSL actual rankings for men is headed by a surfer from Brazil called Filipe Toledo who has 41, 985 points. Toledo has earned 298, 500 dollars in prize money and he has two wins under his belt. He is followed by Gabriel Medina, also from Brazil, and he has a total of 35, 685 points. His career prize money total is 213, 200 dollars and he has just one win under his belt.

Next in the rankings comes Julian Wilson from Australia. He has 32, 380 points while behind him comes Italo Ferreira who is a Brazilian and whose point total is 30, 160. Julian Wilson has earned 237, 000 dollars while Italo Ferreira has earned 263, 500 dollars. Julian Wilson has one first placed finish while Italo Ferreira has two first place finishes.

Fifth in the WSL actual rankings is another Australian, Wade Carmichael whose point tally is 26, 550. His prize money earning is 175, 200 dollars. He has yet to win a tournament and has two second placed finishes under his belt.


Next five top men surfers

Behind Wade Carmichael is another Australian, Owen Wright. He has a point tally of 24, 740 and his prize money total is 140, 700 dollars. He is followed by a South African surfer, Jordy Smith. He has a point tally of 23, 575 and his prize money earnings amount to 125, 000 dollars.

The next highest surfer according to the WSL actual rankings is a surfer from French Polynesia called Michel Bourez whose points total is 22705 and his prize money earnings is to the tune of 137, 500 dollars. Coming in at number nine in the WSL actual rankings is a Brazilian surfer Willian Cardoso whose point total is 21, 825 and his prize money earnings is 175, 000 dollars.

Coming in at number ten in the men’s WSL actual rankings is an American surfer, Kolohe Andino. His point total is 20, 990 and he has won 112, 500 dollars in prize money.


Top 5 women surfers

On the women’s side, the top ranked surfer is an Australian surfer by the name of Stephanie Gilmore and she is followed by an American surfer by the name of Lakey Peterson. In third place is a Brazilian surfer, Tatiana Weston-Webb and she is followed by the French surfer Johanne Defay. In fifth place is a Hawaiian surfer Carissa Moore.