Before learn to surf we must remember the important role played by the wind in our day. From your surf school, Blue Waves, we teach you what you need to know to avoid that the wind could be a problem for you or your fun.

The influence of the wind is a key to determine the shape and quality of the waves. Each beach has a different orientation, so the wind can be giving us a great opportunity on one side of the coast and suppose a great danger to us on a different side. The most convenient wind type for surfing is the offshore wind. This type of wind orders the sea in limited series and also tends to hold a wall of waves for longer, giving rise to even pipes or water tunnels depending on the seabed, the tide and the size of the waves.

Thus, the ideal condition is the offshore well marked but without much intensity. Don’t worry, because in our surf camp in Morocco you will have the voice of professionals who will help you to determine the wind level of the place and to approach it in a safe way.

The lateral wind (side-shore) is also acceptable, although it does not guarantee a quality of the wave as the one that the terral wind gives us. As the direction of the wind rises more by the sea (on shore), the possibilities of surfing well-formed waves will be increasingly scarce. This way the popular “waves of wind” can be formed, these waves are more unpredictable, often without a real direction, with many sections and in general dirty: walls with potholes, strong peaks with hard surfaces difficult to grasp with your surfboard

Anyway, from Blue Waves we know that many of the best days of surfing are those in which there is no wind. Sometimes we don’t even notice it, but its strength can ruin our bathroom. If, in addition, the direction of the sea coincides (almost always) with that of the wind, we will have even less chance of finding good waves, even if we already know how to surf.

To not worry about the wind or other unexpected factors, join our community and you will have the help of our professionals and the advice of other surfers like you! Not even the wind can stop us!