Our star Kelly Slater, who is already 46 years old, is one of the best surfers ever. He’s been crowned World Surf Champion a record 11 times, do you want to know his secret? Keep reading!

Slater started eating healthy and doing the paleolithic diet 20 years ago and still recommend it. In our surf school you can meet other surfers and exchange opinions about what is the best diet for surfers, because learn to surf it’s not just about waves and surfboards. Known how to surf is more than practice, it’s a lifestyle, including the alimentation.

Everyone who dedicates his life to surf knows that food is very important key to be fit, doing the Paleo Diet you can eat anything that we could obtain by means of hunting or gathering (game meat, roots, berries, nuts, etc.). What it’s not advised by a paleo diet are processed grains, beans and other legumes, dairy products and potatoes.

Although carbohydrates are a fundamental part of athletes’ diets as an energy source, the paleo diet restricts their consumption but encourages the loss of fat to repair muscles and develop strength with rich portions of proteins.


The 5 products which Slater recommends us for following this type of diet are:

  1. Chia seeds: it’s rich in proteins and beneficial for digestive and heart health.
  2. Kimchi: it’s a korean sprice low in calories and beneficial to the immune system, also helps regulate colesterol levels.
  3. Kelp: which is a brown algae rich in nutrients, low in fat and calories which increases brain function and energy levels
  4. Almond Milk: it’s low in fat but high in energy, this dairy alternative helps to reduce cancer’s risk and high blood pressure, even improves vision or strengthens bones and muscles.
  5. Elk Antler Extract: which comes from ancient china and has anti-aging properties, improves athletic performance and mental acuity and activates healthy blood flow.

Anyway, if you are going to start a paleo diet, the best you can do is going to a nutritionist to help you in a personalized way. And remember that if you want to be part of this huge community you can join us coming to our Surf Camp in Morocco!