Knowing how to surf is also being aware of the preventions that we have to take to do it safely. From our surf school in Morocco Blue Waves, we teach you everything you need to know to get into the waves.

As we have explained in our blog another times, it’s very important to know the environment in which you are going to surf. Learn to surf is being able to prevent many environmental circumstances, to be able to adapt yourself to the environment and join him in your adventure.

The sea bottom of the place where you are surfing is one of the first things you have to know well before catching your surfboard. The waves that break in rocks or reef bottoms are more dangerous than those that do it on sand bottom, although they are also of better quality.

If you are going to surf over an area with reefs, you should stop to analyze some factors before entering the water. Is the nature of the bottom coral dead or alive? Are they round stones? Are they sharp rocks? The alive coral is the most aggressive for surfers, so if it’s your first time be careful and don’t start taking too risky challenges! Anyway, don’t worry, because in our surf camp we have the best professionals to help you enjoy surfing always safely.

In rocky areas it’s also necessary to know the depth of the bottom, in order to know how far the rocks or corals are from us. This way we’ll control better the force that we use to throw ourselves into the waves and avoid the entry and exit through sharper areas. Depending on the tide, the morphology of the waves can change, and in the same way the safety distance that we have to touch bottom. In this way, surfing on a sandy bottom with little depth can be as dangerous as a rocky bottom.

Don’t let yourself to be scared, in spite of the risks, in Blue Waves you will have the help of many surfers and professionals who will be able to help you to recognize all these issues, so that they won’t be a problem in your trip.


Do not wait any longer to come to your surf house to enjoy the summer and contact us!