Why Blue Waves?

Among all the Surf Camps in Morroco, or more precisely: around Taghazout (the new trendy place), you might ask yourself why you should choose one or the other.

Going to a Surf Camp is not something we get to do very often. For most of us its once a year, for the lucky ones maybe twice. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose wisely where you are going to place your trust and money.

Everything seems very appealing when you navigate through the internet, either because of their marketing, pictures, comments or simply the price. And in reality, most of them will provide a decent service which will more or less make you feel like you where on holiday. But let’s be a bit greedy ? We want to take the most out our holiday, an experience we will always remember and that will change us in some way.

So, referring to the title of this post, I will share with you some tips, the basic pillars of a great Surf Camp experience and why I consider Blue Waves is doing a great job. Here they go:


Why rest comfort when you are travelling? Think of the idea of staying in a place where you would be willing to live for longer, a place that almost feels like home. Spaces, dorms, common rooms, decoration…it all matters. Your brain will automatically make you feel calm and relaxed if it likes what it sees. Blue Wave’s Surf House in Tamraght has an incredible harmony; everything looks so new and thoughtful until the last detail. I can’t forget to mention the great view from its terrace.


When you go to a new country it is a must to try the local traditional food, specially in you go to Morocco, a country with such gastronomic richness. And as in any other place you can get good quality or bad quality, so it’s not just about going to the first place you find around the corner. In Blue Waves you’ll feel every night a Moroccan mum is cooking for you with love and care. The quality, the taste and the healthy ingredients will make you fall in love with the Moroccan cuisine. There’s nothing crazy about Moroccan breakfast, that’s why Blue Waves serves a super varied continental breakfast with a few local additions.


Let’s not forget what we are here for; surfing the best and as many waves possible. Either if you are doing guiding or lessons take care of how the Surf Camp will organize those activities. You don’t want to feel like you didn’t make any advancements because no instructor was paying attention on you or they took you to the wrong spot just to save some gas. In this aspect Blue Waves seems to have their things clear, surf is sacred. In lessons you will have an instructor analysing every movement you do to help you with your technique and in guiding you will go to the best spot possible for the conditions of the day.

Philosophy – vibe

Last but not least, how does it make you feel? All the topics above could be rated with 5 stars, but, what’s the point if you breath no vibe? If you are just treated like one more? Even if some of the above is not perfect, their guest philosophy will make you feel great. Something you can really tell about Blue Waves is that they put their whole effort in satisfying their guests. They will arrange everything for you since the very first moment; first email, pick up at the airport, and all the staff will be paying attention to you during you stay. You will feel like home.

If I could sum up my experience at Blue Waves it would be: “sit back, relax and enjoy the ride”. I hope you soon do too.
Happy customer