Learn to surf is a challenge for anyone who has never been on a surfboard before. In our surf school in Morocco we teach that surfing doesn’t need only good balance, but a specific physical preparation. It’s important to be fit to keep the rhythm with the waves, but do not be overwhelmed! From Blue Waves we give you some tips to go physically prepared to your surf camp. 

As you know, being a surfer is a lifestyle, so if you want to be well prepared to live your adventure to the fullest, you have to take care with some things before.

Surfing is a very good sport for our body. This increases strength, mobility and flexibility of the body, reduces muscle and joint stiffness and improves cardiovascular endurance. In our surf school, we also teach many techniques and exercises to boost your performance in and out of the water. Although you don’t have to know how to surf or come in full physical form, there are some things that you can already do from home!

The regular training of specific surfing exercises can have incredible results in your speed and your resistance in surfing, and it will also help you avoid injuries.

Total Body exercises should be the key of your training, those in which you involve as many body parts as possible in the same practice. You can find many different ones on the internet, but never forget to do a full long warm up!

Riding the bicycle is also good to improve the strength of our legs, it will help us to resist more time on the surfboard. One way to train coordination and balance are exercises that are practiced with only one leg.

It is also a very important key to work the CORE zone. The CORE zone is composed of all the muscles of the trunk that help to transmit the movement and stabilize the energy throughout our body. Medical balls, cables and elastic bands are perfect tools to work on before catching your surfboard.


Be on fit and come to your surf house to share your training with us! For any questions about what you need before signing up for this adventure, contact us!