It takes a long time to learn advanced surfing techniques. In fact, people who have earned a name for their surfing abilities are those who have spent time surfing thousands of waves in different ocean conditions. If you are new to the sport, then you may want to start by attending a surf camp. Otherwise, you may want to consider the benefits of joining a surf school. Luckily in our surf camp we have all the options you need, even if you are a surf expert as if you are learning.


Surf for fun or competition?

Whether you surf for fun or for competition, you need to understand the benefits of getting surfing lessons from the experts. In this way, you can constantly improve your surfing abilities. There are many things to learn including picking the right wave and paddling in the most efficient manner.

In addition, you need to learn to eye the aerial ramp and you also need to learn how to pump for speed. All these are essential surfing skills that you need to learn. If you are an intermediate level surfer, then you may want to enjoy your surfing holidays. Here is a look at some essential surfing tips and techniques.


Paddling position

When paddling, make sure you do so with your fingers almost closed. This is a tiny detail but it has important ramifications. When paddling you require strength in your body as well as lungs. When your fingers are almost shut, you can save your energy as well as paddle more powerfully.


Perfect your position in the wave

You need to learn to perfect your position in front of the waves. Once you look at how the waves are breaking, you need to calculate the speed of the wave as well as your own takeoff time. Keep in mind that even twenty inches to your right or left can make a big difference in your ride.


Choose your target well

Selecting your goal well is very important. Recognize the waves and choose the best area for your level. Once you’re surfing, you need to be focused only on your goal. Therefore, be sure to set a goal and move as fast as possible to the wave.


Look for intervals between waves

When you spend time in the water you should get used to looking and calculating the intervals between the waves. You must know the period between wave and wave, since this way you will have more chances of catching the first one that approaches, which is usually the best.


Low center of gravity

You must learn to keep your center of gravity as low as possible. This makes you surf with more stability and also allows you to gain speed.


Learn to pick the best wave

Start by learning how to choose the best wave. If you are new to the sport, then all waves may seem the same to you. However, as you become more accomplished, you will learn to pick how a wave breaks.


Adjust your feet on the surfboard

Last but not least, you must learn to adjust your feet while surfing the waves. Finally, make sure you manage your time well in order to move forward. For this purpose, manage the time you spend surfing and the time you spend analyzing your surf session. Be sure you check your videos and try to correct the errors you see in your next session.


In Blue Waves we help you to improve all these aspects and many more. We are waiting for you at our surf camp in Morocco!