They are your most faithful friends, they accompany you everywhere, they share many moments and maybe they enjoy the beach as much as you do. Imagine what it would be like to learn to surf.

But the good thing for both dogs and humans, is that they can share the same sand and the same surf house. Beaches mile where you can be both without any problem. There is room for everyone, and the face of joy of our friends is priceless.

From your Surf Camp in Morocco, Blue Waves, we know how important it is for you to share your life with your pet. That’s why in the surf school we have prepared this collection of videos of dogs surfing and learning about the sport that we like so much. There have already been several competitions in California, for example, where the youngest are the protagonists.

Put aside your surfboard, because now is your time. Before trying to paddle surf with our dog it is necessary to take into account some factors. Both for us and for our dog it is important to perform stretching and a small warm-up. Walking, playing a little or even performing some skills to learn how to surf: turn around, stand up or walk backwards.

Once we are physically prepared, we will prepare them mentally. We’ll let it smell, go up, and flip the table. We can even use prizes to climb the table, while maintaining balance. It is important that you go encouraging with calm words. And above all if you see that it is overwhelmed or that is uncomfortable, it returns to the shore. The duration of the activity is important. It’s always better little but well done. Above all you have to observe your dog and know when he is overwhelmed or not comfortable.

Sharing adventures with you will reinforce your relationship (as long as it is made clear) join our community Blue Waves (in Morocco) and share your surfing experiences with dogs with other surfers!