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If you are a free soul and you already have experience on how to surf, Blue waves is also your place! We’re open to free surfers! Keep reading to know more…

In Blue Waves we know that not everyone wants to be around 24/7 surrounded by people, and we also know that at a certain point of our hobby we want to start surfing for free. If this is your case, we have the perfect pack for you.

The Free Surfer Pack is for those who want to manage their surf freely, who bring their own surfboards, but want to share with us and with the surf camp people the lunches and dinners.

But that’s not all, because if you join our community, even as a free surfer, you can also sign up for a lot of activities!

Here are some proposals that we have prepared for you to complete your surf trip:


We have created a tourist offer so you can enjoy your Morocco holidays without missing the typical camel ride across the Souss Massa valley.



travel in quads / buggy blue wavesFor the more adventurous, we offer the possibility of discovering the Souss Massa region (Pre-Sahara, Moroccan desert) in its own Buggy or Quad. You will drive through incredible landscapes, sand dunes and empty beaches, where you will enjoy the thrilling rural experience while watching the wild Moroccan Berber of the south.


activities blue waves marrakech placeThis excursion is a unique opportunity to penetrate the heart of Morocco. There are many things to do in Marrakech, it is full of street markets, gardens, palaces and mosques. Also cataloged as one of the most important cultural centers of Morocco, it is also a very lively city and rich in history.


We’ll take you to a center in Taghazout where you can have a massage that suits your needs. Once a week the masseurs come to our surfhouses.


For more information about the pack, to know more about the activities, or if you do not want to take charge of making so many decisions and want other options, contact us and we’ll help you!