Surfing is one of the most complex sports you can practice at the sea, but it doesn’t require many tools. All you need in surfing are: good waves, previous knowledge and lots of energy and patience. From Blue Waves, your surf school in Morocco, we recommend the best learning to keep your body in complete harmony with your inner being: yoga, key factor to be a good surfer!

If you still think that surfing and yoga have little in common, you’re wrong. Both have similar concepts of a perfect lifestyle. Here are some reasons why yoga is related to learn to surf.


  1. Surfing is more than a sport and yoga more than an exercise. Both are lifestyles that help people achieve greater fulfillment. They also help you to know more about yourself and your environment. The world of yoga requires a special space such as our surf houses, an area of freedom, peace, a safe environment … Yoga seeks to find the fullness in the spirit, while surfing seeks it in your relationship with nature.


  1. yoga style in Blue waves surf houseAlthough surfing is a good exercise, from our surf school we know that you need other practices that symmetrically balance the effort made by all parts of your body. Surfing concentrates the exercise especially on the shoulders and arms. Yoga can Works with the parts of the body that we often forget when surfing. With this, you will make sure that your body performs a complete activity.


  1. YOGA & SURF RETREAT BLUE WAVES MOROCCOYoga teaches you to work the patience you will put into practice when you learn to surf. Getting on the surfboard can be difficult for some people who don’t have a good balance. However, with a little practice, the help of yoga, meditation and breathing you will get many tricks to know how to surf better. The patience you gain can also be useful when you have to wait your turn among other surfers to break a wave.


If you are thinking about joining our great surfer community, do not wait any longer to get fit and remember that surfing starts at home!

We are waiting for you at the Surf Camp in Morocco!