The obsession with surfing has reached fever pitch after the art has been honed and popularized over the course of generations. Like any sport, it takes immense practice and diligence before you finally get hold of it.

The learning curve, however, is steeper especially when you haven’t grown up near the oceans or have never been exposed to it in the past. Essentially, starting tabula rasa in any sport is tough, but with surfing, it can be understandably tougher.

However, that does not mean that the achievement is impossible. Indeed, with the recent boost in surf lessons, there is no reason to doubt that you are going to make it in this exciting endeavor.

With that said, here are some basic tips that will help you as a beginner to get to grips with surfing.


Get a decent teacher

That goes without saying. There is nothing more critical in the early stages of learning to surf than the presence of a guide who can instruct you properly and fix your flaws. Other than that, a great teacher will also serve as an inspiration to you.

If you don’t know any individual who is into surfing, it is best to join surf camp or surf school, where you will find no dearth of talented teachers and colleagues.


Avoid slim boards

As a beginner, you’ll be tempted to try on a slim board because it just looks so cool. However, it is advised to start out with a bigger and wider board so that you are more stable and can also catch a lot more of the wave.


Go for smaller waves

You won’t have any bragging rights, but it will certainly be safer and more conducive to your learning process to start out with milder and smaller waves. Choose a beach spot that gets such waves, and hone your paddling and basic skills more effectively.


Nice and easy does it

The world does not expect you to engage in all manner of complex acrobatics in your very first surfing sessions. Instead of potentially hurting yourself, it is advisable to pace yourself and start out slowly. It is not as exciting as the kind you see during surfing holidays portrayed in movies, but it will certainly help you to adapt.


Keep yourself in shape

Being a decent surfer is contingent upon having a decent physique. For instance, your paddling will be better if you have a stable core and your stamina is high. Therefore, it is essential to work on yourself before you seriously contemplate plunging in the water.


Keep calm….and enjoy

It doesn’t matter if you are pathetic at it. That is exactly what most professional surfers are like when they start out. What makes them stand out is their passion and love for the sport. If you start out with the intention if having fun, then you will certainly notice that the learning curve isn’t so steep after all.