Ah, Surfing! It has become a must every time you head for the beach hasn’t it. Taking surf holidays, visiting the open sea, losing yourself in the water and just having fun. People these days have a strange definition of surfing. Most think that it is just another pastime for the “younger generation.” And that elders should only see benefits in things. So, what if you were told that surfing does have many benefits? Well, health benefits.


Surf tones the body

As of lately, the fitness craze has spread like a fire on oil. Everyone, whether knowingly or subconsciously, measures how much benefit the movements they do in their daily life are to them. Guess what! Surfer is out of the red zone.

Surfing involves both anaerobic and aerobic exercises. It requires a lot of paddling, so you have an extended routine for your upper body. Handling the board also makes use of much of the core and legs. You have to balance, change directions and position.

Studies have confirmed surfing is also a method of losing weight. These reported that a man 180 pounds in mass could lose 180-260 calories in ever 30-60min of surfing. With this, you can be sure that you will be rocking a lean body by doing nothing but having fun.


Surf is good for heart

It is now understood that surfing will help build you strong muscles. But what also needs to be known is that along with your muscles you will also be strengthening your heart. To put it simply, as your muscles get stronger, less work will be needed to move your body a certain amount. This means that your muscles will use fewer muscles, and this will directly reduce the heart-rate. In another word, you will be putting less strain on your heart.


Surf to relieve stress

Surfing is a great way to release stress. And in our “modern” society relieving stress has become very important. People have made it their life to work, work and work. We forget that we have to take time out for ourselves and have fun. Look like the phrase “excess of everything is bad” has gotten an exception. Just go to a surf camp for once you will lose all your worries in the water.

With this, you will be at peace in your mind. You will be clearer in your decisions and at tranquil. So go on and get your Surf lessons ready, of course, that comes after you learn to swim (if you can’t that is).


Surf & Sleep Better

Many people around the world have problem sleeping properly. But if you surf that is less likely to be one of yours. People sleep soundly when they are truly tired. This sleep is most beneficial. And this is also where surfing comes into play. No matter how fun, surfing does involve using your muscles a lot. And everybody knows how time flies when you’re having fun. You will get quite tired at the end of the day and sleep like a baby.


Vitamin D

People who surf tend to wake up with the sun. That is when surfing is most enjoyable. You also get something very important from the sun. Vitamin D. Oh yes, we all know about this. It helps your bones to absorb calcium to make them strong. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen while you’re at it. We only want vitamin D, not sunburn!


So …when are you coming to our surf school?