surfing in draculas pumping

These days Draculas has been pumping and it has reminded us of when Lander Sanchez (Surfer-Basque Country) came to Blue Waves Surf House two months ago. Searching for the perfect conditions in this wave, at the end he found it as we can see in the picture. Great days, great waves with a great person!

For those of you may not know, Draculas is one of the longest (wave) right hand in Morocco and undoubtedly one of the best. The name is because the rocks are shaped like vampire´s teeth. And it is in Taghazout area, close to our Surf Camp.

When Lander left our House he wrote some nice words we want to share with all of you:

“Africa releases magic, and Morocco reflects all its splendour. Surrounded by a unique culture, friendly people, tajines and some of the best waves I have ever surf in my life. Blue Waves Surf House made me feel like at home with its family atmosphere, sharing with me all their passion and knowledge for this place”