Lucía Martiño was born in Gijón (Asturias) in 1994. Today she is a surfing celebrity, from your surfschool Blue Waves we’ll tell you everything about her. Keep reading!

She started surfing at age 11 and continues shining in the sports world and more specifically in surfing, for her skill in catching waves and the large number of prizes he has won since the beginning of her career. We can highlight Spanish Surfing Champion in 2010, 2013 (runner-up) and 2014; third place in Billabong Sopelana ProJunior in 2011; first place in Airwalk Lacanau Pro Junior (France) in 2012; and third place in Franito Pro Junior in 2014. It is also number 45 in the World Surf League for women.

In addition to these awards, he has been Team Rider of important companies such as Red Bull and O’Neill. She has also worked as a model for the brands Oxbow and O’Neill promoting lines of sportswear surfers, with which she also manages to build her own personal brand.

According to her, the day of a surfer begins at 8 in the morning and requires 4 hours a day, combining them with 5 days a week of physical training. Professional surfing is a very individual sport, all you need is a personal trainer and everything else (the inscriptions in the championships, the flights, the hotels and the management of your image and personal brand) is managed by her. The Surf Federation does not receive as much money as other sports such as football, so athletes have to pay for all expenses.

But getting to that level of delivery is not easy, it’s not just taking your surfboard and jumping into the water. From your surf camp we teach you the discipline you need to become like her. Learn to surf is much more than coming to a surf house and enjoying the waves. To know how to surf, a lot of dedication is necessary, she is an example.