Jose Maria Cabrera is a star in the world of surfing, and from Blue Waves your surf school in Morocco we tell you everything you need to know to be like him!

He has been involved in sports all his life. Always training with a similar routine. Functional work is key for him. Always working with head and focusing on movements in the water. This is what causes it to always have good results, and that people who learn from him follow their own triumphant way.

In our surf camp we offer you the opportunity of your life, a week of Surf Coaching with Jose Maria Cabrera where you will improve your surf with the help of a great teacher like him! In addition, you will have accommodation in one of our best surf houses and a routine adapted to the training you need. If you want to improve your technique or surfing with a professional of the height of Jose Maria Cabrera, do not hesitate to sign up for our surf school!

To know more about him, we can see “OXYMORON”. It’s a documentary that shows Jose Maria Cabrera as a surfer and professional coach, it proves to us how to surf from his point of view and tells us about the importance of respecting the environment without leaving aside your surfboard and your desire to throw yourself into the waves.

From Blue Waves we bring you this video in which you can see that everything he has won has been more than deserved, a champion that will help you to become as great as you have always dreamed.

If you ever wanted to learn to surf from the hand of a championship professional, you can not miss this date. Write it on the calendar and come to meet surfing, take your surfboard and get ready for what’s to come.

Do not keep thinking and join our community taking advantage of the plan that we propose in your favorite surf camp!