Most people don’t give thought to what they wear when surfing. It’s just that they were never really told about it. Most of people think all that is required is a board and they are ready to go and break some waves. 

Anyone doing this will notice that some unnerving outcomes could be avoided. Not everyone attends a surf school.

Surfing equipment is available to be used, not just for show. You will find that with these additions, your skin is avoiding a lot of damage and you are fully enjoying your quality time in the water.

A wetsuit

The first and foremost is the wetsuit. These are generally made of neoprene that acts like a heat insulator (traps heat inside). It keeps your body warm so that you can surf in cold waters for longer periods. Wetsuits come in many different cuts like the spring suit, long-arm spring suit, shorty, long-john and the full body suits.

People are starting their surf lessons, generally go for these options.


Neoprene Vest/Jacket

Neoprene Vests and jackets give off a more weathered look to the wearer. It feels that the person wearing these has been surfing for a long time and knew their basics. Unlike a wetsuit these don’t have a zipper entry, it is just like wearing a shirt or vest, just that it is made of rubber. This feels more comfortable and is for climates with a little higher yet cool temperatures.

The vest only covers the body and keeps the chest area warm. The jacket practically does the same only adding the sleeves for the arms as well.



Broadshorts come in many options. They are unstitched pieces of clothing to wear in warmer weather. These replaced bulky bathing suits that caused rashes and irritation. Those days are long gone.

Modern Broadshorts are much superior and are lightweight and stretchable. The best part is they dry off very quickly so can wear them home.

Nowadays everything involves fashion. You will understand what this meant when you go to your first surf camp. People no more like the thought plain, well, anything. Broadshorts now come with a variety of design to rock, but if you are okay with spending some more money, why not get a custom made.



Just like the Broadshorts, the rash guard has become a necessity for surfers. Just like the name says, these are shirts do more or less the same thing a broadshort does, but only for the upper body. It is usually worn under the wetsuit or neoprene jacket. Wearing them for prolonged times can cause irritation and rashes to your skin, and that wears the “rashie” comes into play.

Cotton t-shirts also work, but synthetic material tends to work better.



The Poncho replaces the traditional towel, and if you’ve seen one, is an interestingly designed cloth. It is made of the same absorbing material like a towel. Easy to change into from a wetsuit. There is no longer any need to self-dry yourself. Just wear a poncho and walk around or do whatever you want, while being automatically dried.

Now that you know of its convenience don’t forget to pack one in when you leave for your surf holidays.