It’s hot, very hot and you have a tremendous desire to get into the water. You take your surfboard and run to the waves, dodging plastic bags and bottles that cover almost the entire beach. You finally get to the water and get on your surfboard, but first you have to dodge more plastic bags and bottles that people have thrown into the sea. Does it sound familiar to you?

This could be the case of many of you, located in big cities, with great beaches full of careless tourists, who do not worry about picking up their garbage when leaving the zone. Unfortunately, this epidemic of garbage is already affecting our coasts, our seas and oceans, our animals and plants and it also affects us.

At Blue Waves, we are very committed to protecting that part of nature that we enjoy. That’s why we recommend that every time you travel, no matter where or when, deal with what surrounds it, otherwise we will end up losing!

At Blue Waves we do not intend to change the world, but to protect that little treasure that we all have near us and of which in the end we are responsible. If you do, others will too! There is no excuse for not caring for the environment!

While you are at our Surf Camp in Morocco, we will show you the amazing coastal areas nearby and the wonderful beach that is a few meters from us. We will also ask you to commit to take care of this exciting area so you can enjoy it today and every other time you visit us!

You know, come to Blue Waves, enjoy the summer and, above all, be responsible!