If you are looking for exciting surfing opportunities, then it makes sense for you to choose from a few top surf destinations. Whatever kind of surf plans you have made for yourself, the following destinations are sure to have you covered. This year more people will be traveling the world looking for adventure and spiritual awakening. For those who want to surf, here are the year’s best surf destinations.



At the head of the list, you can put Portugal which is famous for its wonderful waves. Its climate is also warm and there is a long coastline that attracts surfers in large numbers. The best time to visit the coastline of Portugal is between the months of June and September. This is the time when you can also enjoy kitesurfing. During the months between October and April, the waves swell up and the waves are really huge. Nazare is one place that you should visit if you want to enjoy big wave surfing.



This is another top surfing destination where the waves are nice and the weather warm and friendly. If you want to make the most of your surfing here, then you should check out the Bay of Biscay where the swells are constant. You can surf in Spain throughout the year though summer is a great time for beginners who can take surf lessons to learn the real art of surfing.


Costa Rica

For beginner surfers, this is probably the best surf destination. The waves here are world class and the cuisine are delicious. The water temperatures are also nice at 30º all through the year. There are some truly wonderful surf spots here and there are also many surf schools where you can learn how to surf.



The nice thing about choosing Nicaragua as your surf destination is here, the waves are big and the beaches wide. There aren’t many crowds and the atmosphere here is truly laid back. You can surf in Nicaragua all through the year and the sunny weather and the offshore winds that are reliable make this one of the top surf destinations in the world. The best time to visit this country is between May and November.


Bali, Indonesia

There are over 34, 000 miles of outstanding coastline here and Bali is considered the surfing capital of Asia. It is also a great place to practice yoga and there is something here to suit every taste and surfing level. Bali has more than one hundred surf spots with each one offering something unique. The best places to check out here include Kuta Beach and Canggu as well as Dreamland.



There are over five hundred kilometers of beaches in France where you can not only enjoy surfing but also the excellent baguette and cheese and wine. The best beaches in France include those like Lacanau and Hossegor, which is considered a very reliable surf destination in France. Be sure to also check out the Basque Coast of France where there are some very nice surfing opportunities to take advantage of.



Of course we have to add Morocco to the list of recommendations. In the area of Anza we have one of the favorite places for surfing. Here you can find fantastic surf areas, great weather and delicious local food. Also if you come to Anza, in Blue Waves we will teach you everything you need to know to learn to surf or to improve it. Come visit us and live a great adventure.