For a surfer it’s difficult to find a good surf movie which truly shows the surf culture – full of places, myths and even the way of speaking or dressing that characterize us. Therefore, from our surf Camp in Morocco we recommend the 3 best surf movies that every surfer should see.

Surf movies are a sub-genre of sports and travel films. Blue and dreamy waves, endless seaside, meeting new cultures and embracing the surfing lifestyle are few things which surfing movies have in common. Photography, the surf spots and the spirit of surfing are always present. The following recommendations will show you the pleasure of wave riding and introduce you to the characters who define the sport and its culture.


  1. The Endless Summer, directed by Bruce Brown (1966)

It’s the most important surf movie of all time. This pure surf movie has been an absolute success. It’s the travel journal of Robert August and Mike Hynson around the world in search of the perfect wave that captured the essence of surfing like never before.  It’s perfect to make you feel like you’re following the endless summer around the world.



  1. Riding Giants, directed by Stacy Peralta (2004)

This film deals with the origins of surfing from the California and Hawaiian movements. There is a series of first-person testimonies about how the whole contemporary surf movement emerged in the 60s. It draws how to surf and riding such massive waves illustrated with fascination.



  1. Point break, directed by Kathryn Bigelow (1991)

It’s a surf movie for all generations, mixing crime and search for freedom in the waves. This film is about bank thieves surfing and stealing to pay for their lives of vice and leisure. It’s perfect to have a fun time with other passionate surfers. With Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves in the movie.



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